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Traceability and cold chain from the sea to the final destination.

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At all stages of supply

Good practices to ensure product safety

Safety in fishing and fish distribution is essential to ensure product quality and safety. To do this, we follow the rules and regulations established by the competent authorities, which include the implementation of good hygiene and safety practices at all stages of the supply chain.

Safety and quality

Cold chain and traceability

The cold chain process begins with the capture of fish, carried out with techniques that maintain its quality and freshness. We store and transport the fish in suitable conditions, in temperatures between 0 and 4 degrees Celsius. With full control of traceability, from start to finish.


Final finish

In fish processing we transform and package fresh fish into a product with greater added value. These operations include cleaning and cutting or packaging, among other techniques, which improve the conservation and presentation of the final product. We follow health and food safety standards to ensure product quality and safety.

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